About Genesis Gym


Genesis Gym, under the ownership of World Champion Powerlifter Dave "Bulldog" Beattie for the past 20 years, stands as a testament to his unyielding dedication. Bulldog's journey in the realm of physical training commenced at the age of 13 when he ventured into competitive weight and powerlifting, swiftly accumulating junior titles. Following this, he took up a significant role as a Royal Marine Commando, dedicating 12 years to serving and participating in various operations, including the Falklands War.

After his tenure with the marines, Bulldog transitioned to London, where, six years later, he established the iconic Genesis Gym in Wembley. An enduring force in the powerlifting arena, Bulldog continuously competes and has retained his position as a World Champion, securing four consecutive World titles and etching his name in history with a remarkable World Record squat of 462.5 kg (equivalent to 1020 lb!) at the 2008 World Powerlifting Championship (WPC) held in Miami. Bulldog remains resolute in his belief that, even at 51 years of age, he is capable of further strength enhancement.

Dave beattie

In 2014, Bulldog made a triumphant return to powerlifting competition. On August 10th of that year, he achieved the accolade of the best overall raw lifter at the GPC British Powerlifting Finals (Global Powerlifting Committee Great Britain), where he executed the most substantial raw squat ever witnessed in the United Kingdom across all federations, ages, and weight classes. Notably, this astounding squat of 380 kg was accomplished without any supportive powerlifting equipment, elevating Bulldog to the number one spot globally in the Masters Group.

Bulldog's influence reaches beyond his own accomplishments. He has played a pivotal role in training prominent figures like The Rock and Jimmy Marku, who clinched the title of Britain's Strongest Man in 2008. His mentorship also extends to Andy Bolton, an eminent Super Heavy Weight powerlifter, where Bulldog's coaching has been integral to Andy's success on the world stage. The gym under Bulldog's stewardship prides itself on being a "no attitude" environment, fostering camaraderie and welcoming individuals from all walks of life.

Dave beattie

Bulldog has cultivated a formidable powerlifting team that has achieved numerous victories. His dedication extends to promoting the use of weights across various sports, coaching gymnasts, bodybuilders, endurance athletes, and professional boxers, all with the aim of helping them harness their potential through the utilization of weights and innovative strategies. From wheelchair and disabled athletes to top international competitors in diverse disciplines, Bulldog's commitment to fostering success remains unwavering.

Bulldog's philosophy is simple - he values commitment and the unwavering dedication to rigorous training, all while maintaining a spirit that eschews complaints. His legacy reverberates through the walls of Genesis Gym, inspiring countless individuals to rise to their fullest potential through sheer determination and passion.