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Genesis Gym London: Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Strong man, Strenght Sports 02085668687
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Bulldog Powerlifting

Genesis Gym London: Powerlifting, Strong Man, Bodybuilding, Strength Sports with top of the range equipment



Genesis Gym is fully equipped with top of the range fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting and strong man equipment to suit everyone's training routine. The7000 sq ft gym is spread on two floors.

Genesis Gym London: Powerlifting, bodybuilding, strong man training, strenght sports Genesis Gym London: Hardcore London Gym for all strenght sports

A large number of free weights, barbells, dumbells, olympic bars, hammer strenghts machines, hydraulic machines and all weight training equipment are situated downstairs.

Genesis Gym London: Hardcore powerlifting, bodybuilding, strong man and strenght sports gym Genesis Gym London: Bulldog Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, strong man training
When you walk in to Genesis Gym you will see the impressive range of specialised gym equipment neatly organised by the muscle group they are designed to train. Due to the large number of weights and machines available, the chances of you not being able to complete your training during peak times are significantly reduced.
Genesis Gym London: Hardcore bodybuilding, powerlifting, strong men training and strenght sports gym Genesis Gym London: Hardcore gym for everyone
Join us in working out at Genesis Gym, where everyone enjoys a safe, friendly and competitive environment. Personal training, competition preparation, dietry advise for building up, toning, loosing weight or just keeping healthy are some of the many services you can expect to find at Genesis Gym.
Genesis Gym: bodybuilding and powerlifting gym London Genesis Gym London: Bulldog Powerlifting
Genesis Gym prides itself for the best equipment available to train with. Let it be for general fitness, or for competitive bodybuilding or powerlifting. You will find Genesis Gym to be the best space in London to train at.
Genesis Gym London: friendly old school gym for everyone on all levels of fitness. Genesis Gym London: David Beattie Word Champion British Powerlifter
Come and train at this historic gym ,building champions since 1961! One of only a handful of real power and strength gyms in the UK

Tried the commercial gyms and had very little or no results? It's time to up your game and become serious, for the competitive athlete and serious trainer, this is where you need to be, without a doubt.

New to the gym ? Don't worry, we are all very friendly and helpful with a wealth of knowledge. Feel free to pop in and start your journey to an healthy and fit lifestyle with us.

Genesis Gym: Strongman and Powerlifting gym London Genesis Gym London: Free weights, dumbells up to 100kg each
Boxing area at Genesis Gym London
Boxing area is avilable upstair at Geneis Gym for cardiovascular strenght and endurance training.
Posing space at Genesis Gym Weight loss and fitness training at Genesis Gym London
Mirrored area is availbe for posing routines. A range of cardio vascular equipment is avalilable for fitness and weight loss programmes.
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