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Genesis Gym is now open to the public again since the 12th April 2021. Everyone is welcome back to train.

During the pandemic we all have a role to play to stop the infection rate climbing back up again. Genesis Gym has taken every step to ensure you are training in a safe and professional setting. The staff at Genesis Gym have made sure that everyone returning to train find a safe environment for their workout by an increased number of hand sanitisers and self clenaing stations available for everyone to use.

Please remember to play your part in making sure Genesis Gym is safe by:

  1. Sanitising your hands regularly
  2. Keeping your distance from others when training
  3. Cleaning down all equipment before and after use

Please note, that while we do our best to keep the gym a safe place for us all to train, Genesis Gym takes no responsibility for anyone contructing any viruses or illnesses in the facilities.

Stay active as exercise is essential to our physical and mental well being and is also proven to help fight the symptoms of Covid-19.

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