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Genesis Gym London: Bulldog Powerlifting, powerlifting gym, bodybuilding, strenght sports, strong men, strenght training in London

Genesis Gym is the home of Bulldog Powerlifting, which is a powerlifting team owned by David Beattie. The beauty of training at Genesis Gym, other than being guaranteed positive results, is that if you are serious about your training, you can join Bulldog Powerlifting, which is one of the most successul powerlifting team in the United Kingdom. All federations are welcome.

Genesis Gym regularly holds events for powerlifting, weight lifting, strong man qualifiers and all kinds of other strenght sports.

If you are a powerlifter or thinking of getting into powerlifting in London, regardless of your shape, size, weight or experience, Genesis Gym is by far your best place to go. The large number of

  • top of the range powerlifting equipment,
  • Hammer Strenght machines,
  • dumbells of up to 100kg,
  • full range of powerlifting bars,
  • competition benches,
  • mono lifts,
  • olympic lifting area with olypmic lifting bars, and weights
  • and the most extensive range of strong men equipment

are just a few to mention alongside with the advice and cauching of the best and world champion powerlifter, Mr David Beattie.

Genesis Gym is fully equipped for any form of strenght sports, bodybuilding, powerlifting, strong man and fitness activities.

Bulldog Powerlifting at Genesis Gym London: professional, hardcore gym for strength sports

The friendly athmospehre and a healthy competitive environment helps everyone to reach their best potentials.

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